The Fair Farms Program is pleased to announce that the national industry representative body for vegetable and potato growers AUSVEG, has joined as a Gold Sponsor for the Fair Farms National Conference & Awards, to be held October 14 at Opal Cove Resort, Coffs Harbour.

Fair Farms National Program Manager, Sachin Ayachit, said he welcomes the partnership, which reflects widespread grassroots support across the horticulture industry to enhance the transparency of workplace practices.

“We look forward to creating a stellar conference with AUSVEG’s support,” Mr Ayachit said.

“To have AUSVEG on board as an official sponsor for the conference only serves to exemplify how important a discussion around horticulture workplace relations is.

“An overarching goal of Fair Farms is to improve workplace practices in Australian horticulture, which is something AUSVEG has been supportive of from the very beginning of the program.”

The conference will feature an impressive roster of speakers presenting on various horticulture workplace relations topics.

AUSVEG Chief Executive Officer Michael Coote said he welcomes the initiative Fair Farms is taking to bring the industry together at Coffs Harbour to discuss all things workplace relations and horticulture.

“As the representative body for Australia’s vegetable and potato growers, we are proud to support the Fair Farms Conference because the program itself is an industry led solution, created by Australian growers to support Australian growers,” Mr Coote said.

“Fair Farms gives growers the tools and training they need to succeed, and this conference will showcase the work the program has accomplished in this space and the way industry together can take it further.”

The Fair Farms National Conference & Awards will take place on Friday, October 14 at the Opal Cove Resort, Coffs Harbour.

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