Fair Farms Complaints Portal


We actively seek feedback on our quality performance. If you have a specific complaint or appeal please use the form below to contact a member of the Fair Farms Team.  All complaints and appeals will be reviewed in an impartial manner and formally responded to.

We take complaints seriously and deal with all complaints in a “good faith” manner.

If your complaint is related to your audit, please contact your audit body in writing before referring the matter to Fair Farms.

If the matter is not resolved through the audit body complaints resolution process, please complete the form below and provide necessary background information.

Should you have any concerns or complaints, please submit these by following the instructions below

Our formal complaints policy is :

  1. fair, open and transparent
  2. a straightforward and systematic process
  3. confidential
  4. managed in a professional positive manner
  5. allocated to Fair Farms representatives at the appropriate level and if required, through to the CEO
  6. committed to resolving complaints in a timely manner

We only deal with good-faith complaints. These are complaints that meet all these conditions:

  • are made only after the complainant has made every effort to resolve the problem before approaching Fair Farms
  • are substantiated with evidence
  • are not subject to legal or regulatory or administrative action
  • are not based on hearsay
  • are not an attempt to discredit or engage in lobbying and/or influencing
  • relate to the performance of a Fair Farms employee or representative or a certification or inspection body that Fair Farms has accredited.

Each complaint and appeal is securely recorded and formally documented in the Fair Farms  Complaints and  Appeals Register, which only authorised staff have access to.

Any improvements raised during the process will be added to the Continuous Improvement Register as per the Continuous Improvement Procedure.

Complaints Form


In the complaints form below please detail your complaint including what parties are involved, and whether you allow Fair Farms to refer the matter to the other parties involved as part of the investigation of the complaint.

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